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Are you choose decorative material above the edge bandingThe following problem?
Too many manufacturers of edge banding,Difficult to find a factory product quality and production strength guaranteed?
Shell companies too much,Can't find a production、Sales of all-round services company?
The good and bad are intermingled product material,That would not guarantee standard and service life?
Product production cycle is too long,Delivery time can't guarantee,Don't follow up the project on time?
Pre-market after-sales service,Can't find people to solve problems?
And the decorative materials to help youTo solveThese problems!!!!
Excellent professional technical team,It can be finished according to your demand,Reasonable design service。
Professional after-sales maintenance team,To provide technical advisory services。
Strong strength of technology、The good faith management
And the adornment material Five big advantage
A、Technical professionals,Production strength
The introduction of professional automatic sealing sideband production line equipment、Form a complete set of production technology and raw materials
2、Quality guarantee,To be able toMeet your different needs
Stick to it"Provide the quality of the craftsmanship,Considerate service"The idea of。
3、The sealing sideCustom manufacturers
Using high quality raw materials,Originality process,Professional equipment for processing production
Four、Considerate service,The escort for you
Article sealing side with good weatherability,Stability,Batch stability
Five、With high quality after-sales service,Worthy of praise
Customer service staff through rigorous professional training,Meet customer demand
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There is a stable,Mature,Rich sense of responsibility of the production team,To provide customers with high quality products
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  Dongguan city and the decoration material co., LTDIs a professional for the furniture、Building materials industryPVC、ABS、Acrylic modern enterprise of edge banding, etc。
  Gen is a company specializing in the production of the decoration materialsPVC、ABS、Yakeli、Special-shaped material、A new edge banding of decoration material,Customers that are on the market demand for high quality furniture edge banding。The company has a modern professional manufacturing techniques,High quality talent advantage,A professional mechanical equipment,Products are the same color、Good toughness、Stability is good,Comply with quality standards。The company products high quality。Strict quality control and technical innovation,The select material of furniture……+To view more
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